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The best places of interest...

arrecife de las sirenas almeria scaled

Arrecife de las Sirenas

Discover this hidden paradise that is crowned as one of Cabo de Gata’s jewels.

vivero mariposas nijar almeria scaled

Butterfly farm of Níjar

Enjoy hundreds of butterflies floating around as you stroll through this exotic Mediterranean garden.

alcazaba de almería lugar de interés para visitar monumento histórico

La Alcazaba

Almeria has an impressive enclosed fortress from the Muslim period, which has been declared a Cultural Interest point.

catedral de almeria fortaleza medieval scaled

Catedral de Almería

Enjoy this beautiful cathedral with its unique fortress structure. The cathedral presents a transitional architecture phase between Gothic and Renaissance styles.

iglesia del cabo de gata salinas scaled

Iglesia de Cabo de Gata

This early 20th century Catholic church is located in Las Salinas in Cabo de Gata, with views of the Mediterranean Sea and a charm to be discovered.

mini hollywood almeria cine oeste vaqueros indios scaled

Oasis Minihollywood

Discover one of the most famous sites in the cinema world in Tabernas Desert, a movie paradise.

Geoda de Pulpí pueblo lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Geoda de Pulpí

Visit the world’s largest cataloged geode upholstered with huge crystals of selenite.

cuevas karst sorbas almeria geologia scaled

Sorbas’ Caves

Visit caves, canyons, geodes, karst, and other extravagant phenomena carved by the river Aguas in Sorbas. This cave system has been a protected area since 1989.

circuito de almeria coches automocion deporte de riesgo scaled

Almeria’s Speedway

If you are love speed and risks, you have to visit Almeria’s racing track.

faro mesa roldan almeria cabo de gata mar scaled

Mesa Roldán Lighthouse

A lighthouse situated in a volcanic zone that has graced many scenes in the cinematic history.

cortijo el fraile almeria scaled

Cortijo del Fraile

Come visit the friar’s home in Cabo de Gata-Níjar National Park. The home inspired Federico García Lorca for his work "Bodas de Sangre" and has since then been declared a point of Cultural Interest.

lugares de interés para visitar en Almería hornos de calcinación lucainena de las torres

Mineral Ovens

These ovens are located in Lucainena de las Torres and are a great architectural vestige of the 19th century.

lugares de interés para visitar en Almería faro de la polacra en parque natural cabo de gata níjar

Faro de la Polacra

This 18th century lighthouse is the tallest, active lighthouse in Spain and has wonderful views of Cabo de Gata National Park, Javana point, and San Pedro beach.

lugares de interés para visitar en Almería mirador del amatista parque natural de cabo de gata níjar

Mirador de la Amatista

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the wonderful views of Rodalquilar from the top of this cliff.

minas del rodalquilar geología lugares de interés de Almería

Mines of Rodalquilar

The mines are a must-see site that will take you back in time where gold or lead were main resources.

piscina natural esclusas cabo de gata lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Natural pools of Cabo de Gata

Enjoy Cabo de Gata’s "natural" pools, one of the most special places of interest located in the volcanic heart of Cabo de Gata.

castillo de los escullos mar mediterráneo lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Castillo de Los Escullos

Explore the castle of San Felipe in the municipality of Níjar. The fort was built in 1771 during the reign of Carlos III.

castillo del playazo lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Castillo del Playazo

Carlos III ordered the castle to be built in the 18th century to defend Almeria’s coast against piracy. Be sure to visit this historic site and transport yourself back in time.

faro de cabo de gata níjar lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Cabe de Gata’s Lighthouse

Located at the top of Arrecife de la Sirenas, you will be amazed by the incredible views of Cabo de Gata National Park that the lighthouse has to offer.

atalaya mirador de níjar lugares de interés para visitar en Almería


From the heart of Níjar you can access the Atalaya, and from there, you will have an incredible view of the entire town. This watchtower is a reminiscence of the Arabic period in Almeria.

Molino los collados en genoveses lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Molino del Collado

Visit the Ensenada de los Genoveses to find this 19th century Mediterranean style mill that was restored to preserve its history.

Noria del pozo de los frailes lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Noria del Poco de los Frailes

Step back in time to the 18th century by visiting the perfectly preserved waterwheel, “noria de sangre.”

arquitectura minería el cable inglés lugares de interés para visitar en Almería

Cable Inglés

Be sure to check out one of Almeria's gems, El Alquife pier, an old mineral loading dock from 1904 built under the instruction of Gustave Eiffel.

lugares de interés para visitar en Almería Cerro de san cristobal vistas alcazaba

Cerro de San Cristobal

Visit Cerro de San Cristobal for breathtaking views of Almeria. This historic site is located in Almeria’s old town and directly connects with the Alcazaba.

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